+- Welcome to CSR Direct Forums

Welcome to CSR Direct Forums website.
This website is here to facilitate questions, information and discussion about this concept for a new nonprofit called the CSR Direct Project.  This official website is a work in progress, the development of which is shelved in lieu of developing the CSR Minneaoplis official website.

As the developer of this Project, I am very excited as well as motivated to tell you all more about this work, and my vision for this concept.  When I began this Project development in 2010, I created forums to help with this work, and organize my vision.  As well as use a separate forum website for the Community and Resource development for the CSR Minnesota Network.

Below is the web development aspect for the different demographic areas for the Resource development.  As always, this is a "Work in Progress!"

First Demographic Project

This is part of the CSR Minnesota Network.
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